How To Play Multi Hand Video Poker

Many editions let you to bet on as many as 100 hands in one go, and the maximum bet can be quite steep. This makes Multi Hand Video Poker an attractive option for high rollers who want to take a break from the Baccarat, Roulette, or Blackjack tables.

Hands And Decks

Most Video Poker games that offer multiple hands work in the same way. Each hand consists of 5 cards drawn from a standard 52-card deck. Whether you play with 5, 25, or any other number of hands, each hand will be drawn from a new deck. They are not all drawn from the same deck.

The bet you place will be placed as many times as there are hands. For example, you choose to play with 10 hands, and set your bets at 1.00. The total amount you bet on that round is 10.00, as you bet 1.00 on each hand.

Playing Multi Hand Video Poker

There are two things that you should do after you have launched the Multi Hand Video Poker game that you want to play. The first is to check the coin denomination assigned to your virtual chips, and, if preferred, to set it at a lower or higher amount. The second is to select the number of hands to play per round. Click or tap the play button when you are ready to begin.

Let’s say you chose to play 5 hands. Initially, you will be dealt one 5-card hand only. You can hold any of those cards. You will see those same cards held in the 4 other hands. When you select the draw button, the cards you discarded in the first hand will be replaced with new cards.

The other 4 hands will be dealt cards to turn them into complete hands. For example, you may have held 2 cards in the first hand. After selecting the draw button, each hand will receive 3 cards. Each of your 5 hands then will be checked by the software to determine if there are any wins.

Multiple Winning Hands

If you lose a round of Multi Hand Video Poker, there is a chance that your loss could be quite high, depending on the value of your chips, of course. That works the other way, too, so if you hold 3 of a Kind in your initial hand, those 3 cards will be held in all of your other hands in that round.

Even though you may not get anything better than 3 of a Kind with any of your hands, when it comes to your winnings, you will be paid out for all of those hands. If you’re playing with 5 hands, you get the payouts for 5 threes of kind.