Best Poker Strategy Explained

Thinking Poker is a game of luck is an incredibly short-sighted way of viewing an incredibly technical, tactical game. Just like chess, Poker is a game of strategy, where players can exploit the knowledge they have regarding other player’s playstyles, as well as the fundamental logic at play.

There are many ways to win at Poker, and if you have any experience at all, you’ll know that less powerful hands often win. If was a game of chance, how would weaker hands have a chance at taking the pot? You might be wondering how you can improve your strategy, so we’re here to give some valuable advice.

Study Up

Learn the basics. Start with terminology and then head over to fundamental play styles. This will give you a sound set of starting strategies that you can refine over time. Focusing on refining your strategies, focusing on one area of play at a time, will give you much better chances of success.

Tight Isn’t Always Right

There’s an age-old adage that’s often repeated to new players by out of touch old timers: “tight is right”. This is nonsense. It might save a novice player from losing as quickly, but waiting for strong hands to play will mark you out as a weak player to be eliminated. Apart from making you look green, it’ll also erode your confidence and keep you from becoming a successful bluffer.

Watch Your Opponents

In the same way that playing tight no matter the scenario will make you seem weak, even stronger players might lapse into a predictable strategy as more hands are played. Being able to predict your opponent’s reactions to your movements is a huge advantage in any battle and if they lose focus for a minute, it could be your chance to throw in an unexpected raise and put pressure on them.

Develop A Counter Strategy

If you’re at a table of loose players, play tight. If you’re at a table of tight players, play loose. This is an over-simplification, but the logic is sound even if tactics change from hand to hand. Playing against the table dynamic will always result in pressure being placed on your opponents.

Aggressive Plays Matter

If you fold, you’re already losing money. It’s in your opponents’ interests to see you fold as it gives them a higher percent chance of winning the pot before even making it to the flop. This means if you’re not playing aggressively and folding often, you’re losing a lot and winning nothing. It therefore makes sense to elect the most aggressive response if you have more than one reasonable out.

Now that you’ve got a little insight, keep learning! You’ll only get better with time. Remember that alcohol hinders your ability to play, and winning requires focus. If you’re displaying even a hint of drunkenness, you’re probably going to end up being the butt of the game, and you’re here to win. Rather, keep a keen eye on your cards and your opponents, and keep a finger on the pulse of the game. You’ll be winning in no time!