Understanding Different Types Of Slots

But there is more that separates slots than just their visuals designs. Progressive jackpot slots are different from classic 3 reel versions, operating via significantly different systems. Both indeed still work via an initial upfront wager, followed by a spin of the reels, but are focused on a different payout structure.

Let’s take a look at the various types of slots, and understand more about what makes them tick.

Classic 3 Reel

Back when slot machines were first invented, they utilised only 3 reels, and a single payline. The symbols also consisted only of different kinds of fruit, which was due to the fact that, back in the day, the physical machines used to pay out in chewing gum. The types of fruit, therefore, indicated the flavour of gum that would be paid out.

Of course, things have changed drastically since then, and you won’t soon be finding a game that offers gum payouts. Designs have also evolved significantly, with most contemporary slots having at least 5 reels, and potentially tens of thousands of paylines.

But it turns out that some players rather prefer the more simplistic, streamlined designs of classic 3 reel https://mobilepokiesnz.co.nz/new-zealand/ slots. That is why there has been a resurgence of slots that not only stick to 3 reels, but also have extremely simple systems, and use fruit symbols.

5 Reel Slots

The majority of slots today have 5 reels. They come in all shapes in sizes, using a variety of themes, and use countless creative bonus and special feature systems. There is a strong focus on visual appeal, with impressive animations, special effects, and much more.

Importantly, however, 5 reel slots generally only have jackpot payouts below a certain threshold. These payouts can still be sizable, but never close to as much as the more famous progressive jackpot amounts.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Lastly; when talking about winning a jackpot by spinning the reels, many tend to think that the amount will range in the millions, or even tens of millions. But in order to take a shot at a jackpot amount that big, a progressive jackpot slot must be played.

Progressive jackpots operate via a network, with all games in a series being part of the same system. All players spinning the reels in the network not only help grow the amount winnable, but also have a shot at winning the amount themselves. Of course, only the very lucky will get their hands on the millions.

Interestingly, most progressive jackpot slots can pay out smaller jackpots, many of which are still bigger than the biggest payout amounts in standard 5 reel slots. So even if the millions aren’t bagged, there is still a chance to walk away with a hefty, pocket swelling sum.