Play iPad Craps with a Simple Casino Guide

Craps is a traditional casino dice game that has long been a firm addition to casino floors across the globe. The game is one in which participating players bet their money against either fellow players or the casino with an assortment of complex bets in the hopes of rolling a lucky dice combination and revealing an exciting cash win.

The game of craps is thought to be an amalgamation of the English game of hazard and its cousin, the French game of crabes, from which craps gets its name. It is widely accepted that hazard, the predecessor to craps, was first played by the English nobleman Sir William of Tyre and his armies during the Crusades. There is also evidence that suggests that games similar to hazard were being played far back as the times of the Roman Empire, when the game was enjoyed using dice fashioned from pigs’ knuckles. The game’s popularity soon spread across England during the Middle Ages, remaining a preferred game for centuries to come, and then spreading to France in the 18th century and to the USA soon after, where John H. Winn improved the layout of the game, creating the very game of craps that we still enjoy today.

iPad Craps Convenience

Today, the game of craps has evolved much to offer an increasingly convenient range of casino game platforms. Of these platforms, iPad-based games are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to play. iPad craps games offer iPad players the same fun and intensity of craps at a land-based casino, without requiring them to spend their time or hard-earned money travelling to play their dice game of choice.

These quality iPad craps games have been mindfully designed to work smoothly with a number of iPad models and operating systems, and combine seamlessly with the high resolution touch screens of iPads to provide an immersive game experience complete with fun extra features such as lifelike 3D simulation of dice rolls for the most authentic online casino experience.

The best iPad craps games are available both as downloadable tablet apps created for full compatibility with players’ iPad devices, and as Flash-based or HTML-5 games that allow players to access their chosen craps games straight from their iPad internet browsers. Players can take advantage of great free craps games that can be used to hone their skills, learn more about craps betting strategies and pick up helpful tips, and can also play craps for real money, allowing them to claim impressive cash wins and craps jackpots straight from their favourite iPad tablet.

iPad Craps Bonus Offers

When choosing to enjoy iPad craps for real money wins, tablet-based players will undoubtedly be impressed with the real money player accounts offered by the best iPad craps casinos. These player accounts are both fast and easy to set up and simple to control, as players can oversee all of their casino-related banking transactions directly from the comfort and mobility of their iPads!

Registering for a real money player account may also attract a variety of enticing iPad craps bonuses, allowing new players to claim generous welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses upon their initial deposit into their player accounts; free iPad craps players, too, can use bonus codes to cash in on fantastic no deposit bonuses that allow them to experience real money iPad craps play at no cost to them! This selection of bonus offers is just one of the many rewards that players will receive when opting to play the best quality iPad craps games straight from their favourite Apple iPads.